you can smoke at george and the dragon. its across the street from police state tempe where its illegal to smoke and eat


The George and Dragon

Tom Tingle/The Arizona Republic

Recent diners included John Powell (right) of Birmingham, England and Dan Cookro of Litchfield Park.

George and Dragon English Restaurant and Pub

WHERE: 4230 S. 48th St. (new location) and 4240 N. Central Ave., both in Phoenix.

Map it WHEN: 11 to 1 a.m. daily.

RESERVATIONS: Accepted for eight or more people.

CREDIT CARDS: MasterCard, Visa, American Express.

(602) 470-0018 or (602) 241-0018. Look for more restaurants in our dining database

Kathy Cano-Murillo The Arizona Republic Nov. 28, 2002 12:00 AM

David Wimberley accommodates four types of hungry customers.

"All the Brits in town," he says before a pause, "Americans married to Brits, Americans who have been to England and want to see it again, and then all the Americans who have never been and this is the closest they'll get."

As you probably guessed, Wimberley owns and runs a Brit-friendly establishment. We're talking the George and Dragon English Restaurant and Pub, a trendy fixture on Central Avenue for the past eight years. Hailing from across the pond, Wimberley's authentic accent, tasty menu and jukebox that blasts U.K. tunes are its keys to success.

But one Phoenix location wasn't enough to satisfy the Valley's craving for all things English. Hence a second outfit at 48th Street and Broadway Road recently opened. Wimberley is quick to brag about his clever scouting methods for the new digs.

"Across the street from us is Tempe," which prohibits smoking in restaurants. "Across the street from them, people can smoke here," he says. "There is nothing within a two-mile radius where someone can sit down, have a good lunch, a beer and a cigarette."

Adding to that, the locale doubles as the hotel restaurant for the Hampton Inn. It's easy to understand why the G&D II has surpassed all expectations by dishing out more than 100 orders a day during lunchtime. This can be a downside, however, for those eager customers who fall victim to a shortage of menu items, which was the case on a recent visit. Chances are it's a kink that will be ironed out, but calling ahead to see whether your favorite item is available wouldn't hurt.

Wimberley not only blames the traditional cuisine for the steady stream of devoted devourers, but also the under-$10 lunch and dinner prices.

He recommends the fish and chips lunch special ($5.95), which comes with a side dish. He suggests overbearing appetites be salved with a dose of shepherd's pie ($5.95), marinated ground beef topped with buttered mash potatoes. Other selections include the steak and kidney pie ($9.95); bangers and mash, two English-style sausages served with onions, potatoes, peas and gravy ($5.95); and a variety of pasties - a puff pastry filled with everything from vegetables to ground beef and cheese. Soups and salads ($1.95-$7.95), kids meals ($5.95), appetizers ($4.25-$5.95) and desserts, including English bread pudding ($4.25), round out the offerings.

"It's hearty, inexpensive food," Wimberley boasts. "Most people can't eat a three-course meal at my place because it's a lot of food.

"The only thing I can't eat from my menu is the liver and onions. I can't stand liver. You couldn't pay me to eat it. But I have to say, a lot of our customers really like it." Reach Murillo at Email | Bio

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